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  1. Terahertz technology has broad application prospects in biomedical detection. However, the mixed characteristics of actual samples make the terahertz spectrum complex and difficult to distinguish, and there is...

    Authors: Yan Peng, Jieli Huang, Jie Luo, Zhangfan Yang, Liping Wang, Xu Wu, Xiaofei Zang, Chen Yu, Min Gu, Qing Hu, Xicheng Zhang, Yiming Zhu and Songlin Zhuang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:12
  2. On-chip mode-manipulation is one of the most important physical fundamentals for many photonic integrated devices and circuits. In the past years, great progresses have been achieved on subwavelength silicon p...

    Authors: Chenlei Li, Ming Zhang, Hongnan Xu, Ying Tan, Yaocheng Shi and Daoxin Dai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:11
  3. Vortex beams carrying orbital angular momentum have important applications in high dimensional optical information processing, manipulations of tiny particles, super-resolution imaging and so on. Among various...

    Authors: Yufeng Hu, Xuan Liu, Mingke Jin, Yutao Tang, Xuecai Zhang, King Fai Li, Yan Zhao, Guixin Li and Jing Zhou
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:10
  4. Deep learning neural networks are used for wavefront sensing and aberration correction in atmospheric turbulence without any wavefront sensor (i.e. reconstruction of the wavefront aberration phase from the dis...

    Authors: Kaiqiang Wang, MengMeng Zhang, Ju Tang, Lingke Wang, Liusen Hu, Xiaoyan Wu, Wei Li, Jianglei Di, Guodong Liu and Jianlin Zhao
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:8
  5. Information encryption with optical technologies has become increasingly important due to remarkable multidimensional capabilities of light fields. However, the optical encryption protocols proposed to date ha...

    Authors: Deming Peng, Zhaofeng Huang, Yonglei Liu, Yahong Chen, Fei Wang, Sergey A. Ponomarenko and Yangjian Cai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:6
  6. High harmonic generation (HHG) enables coherent extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) radiation with ultra-short pulse duration in a table-top setup. This has already enabled a plethora of applications. Nearly all of thes...

    Authors: Robert Klas, Alexander Kirsche, Martin Gebhardt, Joachim Buldt, Henning Stark, Steffen Hädrich, Jan Rothhardt and Jens Limpert
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:4
  7. Nonlinear optical effects have enabled numerous applications such as laser frequency conversion, ultrafast electro-optical, and all-optical modulation. Both gaseous and bulk media have conventionally been used...

    Authors: Yun Zhao, Yuanmu Yang and Hong-Bo Sun
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:3
  8. Optical waveguide of organic micro/nanocrystals is one of crucial elements in miniaturized integrated photonics. One-dimensional (1D) organic crystals with various optical features have attracted increasing in...

    Authors: Song Chen, Ming-Peng Zhuo, Xue-Dong Wang, Guo-Qing Wei and Liang-Sheng Liao
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:2
  9. High-performance vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) photodetectors are of great significance to space science, radiation monitoring, electronic industry and basic science. Due to the absolute advantages in VUV selective...

    Authors: Lemin Jia, Wei Zheng and Feng Huang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:22
  10. The new record efficiency in Thermophotovoltaics relies upon a highly reflective rear mirror. The excellent rear mirror boosts voltage by enhancing the luminescence extraction, and separately also reflects low...

    Authors: Zunaid Omair, Luis M. Pazos-Outon, Myles A. Steiner and Eli Yablonovitch
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:21
  11. The orbital angular momentum (OAM) of beams provides a new dimension, and have already found lots of applications in various domains. Among such applications, the precisely and quantitatively diagnostic of int...

    Authors: Shiyao Fu, Yanwang Zhai, Jianqiang Zhang, Xueting Liu, Rui Song, Heng Zhou and Chunqing Gao
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:19
  12. Black phosphorus has a strong Raman anisotropy on the basal and cross planes due to its orthorhombic crystal structure. However, almost all the studies on black phosphorus’ anisotropy focus on basal plane with...

    Authors: Yanming Zhu, Wei Zheng, Weiliang Wang, Siqi Zhu, Linxuan Li, Lu Cheng, Mingge Jin, Ying Ding and Feng Huang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:17
  13. Fourier transform, mapping the information in one domain to its reciprocal space, is of fundamental significance in real-time and parallel processing of massive data for sound and image manipulation. As a powe...

    Authors: Xumin Ding, Zhuochao Wang, Guangwei Hu, Jian Liu, Kuang Zhang, Haoyu Li, Badreddine Ratni, Shah Nawaz Burokur, Qun Wu, Jiubin Tan and Cheng-Wei Qiu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:16
  14. Optical vortex is a promising candidate for capacity scaling in next-generation optical communications. The generation of multi-vortex beams is of great importance for vortex-based optical communications. Trad...

    Authors: Zhen Qiao, Zhenyu Wan, Guoqiang Xie, Jian Wang, Liejia Qian and Dianyuan Fan
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:13
  15. Conventional stereoscopic three-dimensional displays suffer from vergence- accommodation conflict because the stimulus to accommodation is fixed by the display panel and viewing optics, but that to vergence ch...

    Authors: Tao Zhan, Jianghao Xiong, Junyu Zou and Shin-Tson Wu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:10
  16. Noninvasive tomographic imaging of cellular processes in vivo may provide valuable cytological and histological information for disease diagnosis. However, such strategies are usually hampered by optical aberr...

    Authors: En Bo, Xin Ge, Yuemei Luo, Xuan Wu, Si Chen, Haitao Liang, Shufen Chen, Xiaojun Yu, Ping Shum, Jianhua Mo, Nanguang Chen and Linbo Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:9
  17. Dual-comb spectroscopy is a powerful spectroscopic tool with ultrahigh-resolution, high-sensitivity properties, which opens up opportunities for the parallel detection of multi-species molecules. However, in i...

    Authors: Chenglin Gu, Zhong Zuo, Daping Luo, Zejiang Deng, Yang Liu, Minglie Hu and Wenxue Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:7
  18. As an emerging channel resource for modern optics, big data, internet traffic and quantum technologies, twisted photons carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) have been extended their applicable boundary in d...

    Authors: Yuan Chen, Wei-Guan Shen, Zhan-Ming Li, Cheng-Qiu Hu, Zeng-Quan Yan, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Jun Gao, Ming-Ming Cao, Ke Sun and Xian-Min Jin
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:5
  19. Metalens, a prominent application of two-dimensional metasurfaces, has demonstrated powerful abilities even beyond traditional optical lenses. By manipulating the phase distribution of metalens composed of app...

    Authors: Xiujuan Zou, Gaige Zheng, Quan Yuan, Wenbo Zang, Run Chen, Tianyue Li, Lin Li, Shuming Wang, Zhenlin Wang and Shining Zhu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:2
  20. Neuromorphic computing applies concepts extracted from neuroscience to develop devices shaped like neural systems and achieve brain-like capacity and efficiency. In this way, neuromorphic machines, able to lea...

    Authors: Elena Goi, Qiming Zhang, Xi Chen, Haitao Luan and Min Gu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2020 1:3

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