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  1. Lensless fiber endomicroscopy, an emergent paradigm shift for minimally-invasive microscopic optical imaging and targeted light delivery, holds transformative potential, especially in biomedicine. Leveraging h...

    Authors: Jiawei Sun, Robert Kuschmierz, Ori Katz, Nektarios Koukourakis and Juergen W. Czarske
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:18
  2. Wavefront control is the fundamental requirement in optical informatics. Planar optics have drawn intensive attention due to the merits of compactness and light weight. However, it remains a challenge to freel...

    Authors: Dewei Zhang, Chun-Ting Xu, Quan-Ming Chen, Han Cao, Hong-Guan Yu, Qing-Gui Tan, Yan-qing Lu and Wei Hu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:17
  3. Since the concept of adaptive optics(AO) was proposed in 1953, AO has become an indispensable technology for large aperture ground-based optical telescopes aimed at high resolution observations. This paper pro...

    Authors: Changhui Rao, Libo Zhong, Youming Guo, Min Li, Lanqiang Zhang and Kai Wei
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:16
  4. Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light is difficult to focus due to strong absorption of most materials. Photon sieves (PS), rather than Fresnel zone plates (FZP), can focus EUV to smaller spot and suppress the highe...

    Authors: Junyong Zhang, Huaiyu Cui, Yuanyuan Liu, Xiuping Zhang, You Li, Dongdi Zhao, Yongpeng Zhao and Qiwen Zhan
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:15
  5. Optical switches are desired in telecom and datacom as an upgrade to electrical ones for lower power consumption and expenses while improving bandwidth and network transparency. Compact, integrated optical swi...

    Authors: Tao Chen, Zhangqi Dang, Zeyu Deng, Shijie Ke, Zhenming Ding and Ziyang Zhang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:14
  6. Optical encryption plays an increasingly important role in the field of information security owing to its parallel processing capability and low power consumption. Employing the ultrathin metasurfaces in optic...

    Authors: Jitao Ji, Chen Chen, Jiacheng Sun, Xin Ye, Zhizhang Wang, Jian Li, Junyi Wang, Wange Song, Chunyu Huang, Kai Qiu, Shining Zhu and Tao Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:13
  7. Fluorescence polarization microscopy is widely used in biology for molecular orientation properties. However, due to the limited temporal resolution of single-molecule orientation localization microscopy and t...

    Authors: Suyi Zhong, Liang Qiao, Xichuan Ge, Xinzhu Xu, Yunzhe Fu, Shu Gao, Karl Zhanghao, Huiwen Hao, Wenyi Wang, Meiqi Li and Peng Xi
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:12

    The Correction to this article has been published in PhotoniX 2024 5:19

  8. The molecular fingerprint sensing technology based on metasurface has unique attraction in the biomedical field. However, in the terahertz (THz) band, existing metasurface designs based on multi-pixel or angle...

    Authors: Bingwei Liu, Yan Peng, YuFan Hao, Yiming Zhu, Shengjiang Chang and Songlin Zhuang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:10
  9. Measurements and imaging of the mechanical response of biological cells are critical for understanding the mechanisms of many diseases, and for fundamental studies of energy, signal and force transduction. The...

    Authors: Zachary N. Coker, Maria Troyanova-Wood, Zachary A. Steelman, Bennett L. Ibey, Joel N. Bixler, Marlan O. Scully and Vladislav V. Yakovlev
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:9
  10. Optical encryption strategies utilizing fully coherent light have been widely explored but often face challenges such as speckle noise and beam instabilities. In this work, we introduce a novel protocol for mu...

    Authors: Yonglei Liu, Zhen Dong, Yimeng Zhu, Haiyun Wang, Fei Wang, Yahong Chen and Yangjian Cai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:8
  11. Optical imaging techniques provide low-cost, non-radiative images with high spatiotemporal resolution, making them advantageous for long-term dynamic observation of blood perfusion in stroke research and other...

    Authors: Xiangyu Guo, Jingjing Zhao, Liqun Sun, Varun Gupta, Lin Du, Komal Sharma, Aidan Van Vleck, Kaitlyn Liang, Liangcai Cao, Lingjie Kong, Yuanmu Yang, Yong Huang, Adam de la Zerda and Guofan Jin
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:7
  12. Aqueous zinc-ion batteries provide a most promising alternative to the existing lithium-ion batteries due to their high theoretical capacity, intrinsic safety, and low cost. However, commercializing aqueous zi...

    Authors: Yanan Liu, Ye Ding, Zeping Liu, Xingchen Li, Sichao Tian, Lishuang Fan, Jichang Xie, Liangliang Xu, Jinwoo Lee, Jian Li and Lijun Yang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:6
  13. The vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV, 10–200 nm) imaging photodetector (PD) based on the wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) can realize a more detailed observation of solar storms than the silicon ones. Here, an 8 × 8 V...

    Authors: Siqi Zhu, Zhuogeng Lin, Zhao Wang, Lemin Jia, Naiji Zhang and Wei Zheng
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:5
  14. Detection noise significantly degrades the quality of structured illumination microscopy (SIM) images, especially under low-light conditions. Although supervised learning based denoising methods have shown pro...

    Authors: Xingye Chen, Chang Qiao, Tao Jiang, Jiahao Liu, Quan Meng, Yunmin Zeng, Haoyu Chen, Hui Qiao, Dong Li and Jiamin Wu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:4
  15. There has been a long fundamental pursuit to enhance and levitate the Raman scattering signal intensity of molecule by a huge number of ~ 14–15 orders of magnitude, to the level comparable with the molecule fl...

    Authors: Haiyao Yang, Haoran Mo, Jianzhi Zhang, Lihong Hong and Zhi-Yuan Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:3
  16. Visualizing rapid biological dynamics like neuronal signaling and microvascular flow is crucial yet challenging due to photon noise and motion artifacts. Here we present a deep learning framework for enhancing...

    Authors: Binglin Shen, Chenggui Luo, Wen Pang, Yajing Jiang, Wenbo Wu, Rui Hu, Junle Qu, Bobo Gu and Liwei Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2024 5:1
  17. Visualization of axons and dendritic spines is crucial in neuroscience research. However, traditional microscopy is limited by diffraction-limited resolution and shallow imaging depth, making it difficult to s...

    Authors: Chenshuang Zhang, Bin Yu, Fangrui Lin, Soham Samanta, Huanhuan Yu, Wei Zhang, Yingying Jing, Chunfeng Shang, Danying Lin, Ke Si, Wei Gong and Junle Qu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:38
  18. The maximum peak power of ultrafast mode-locked lasers has been limited by cubic nonlinearity, which collapses the mode-locked pulses and consequently leads to noisy operation or satellite pulses. In this pape...

    Authors: Jinhwa Gene, Seung Kwan Kim, Sun Do Lim and Min Yong Jeon
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:36
  19. Until recently, conventional biochemical staining had the undisputed status as well-established benchmark for most biomedical problems related to clinical diagnostics, fundamental research and biotechnology. D...

    Authors: Lucas Kreiss, Shaowei Jiang, Xiang Li, Shiqi Xu, Kevin C. Zhou, Kyung Chul Lee, Alexander Mühlberg, Kanghyun Kim, Amey Chaware, Michael Ando, Laura Barisoni, Seung Ah Lee, Guoan Zheng, Kyle J. Lafata, Oliver Friedrich and Roarke Horstmeyer
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:34
  20. Replica symmetry breaking (RSB), as a featured phase transition between paramagnetic and spin glass state in magnetic systems, has been predicted and validated among random laser-based complex systems, which i...

    Authors: Liang Zhang, Jilin Zhang, Fufei Pang, Tingyun Wang, Liang Chen and Xiaoyi Bao
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:33
  21. We demonstrate a compact heterodyne Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) based on the realization of optical frequency shift in the silicon nitride photonic integration platform (TriPleX). We theoretically study, an...

    Authors: Adam Raptakis, Lefteris Gounaridis, Jörn P. Epping, Thi Lan Anh Tran, Thomas Aukes, Moritz Kleinert, Madeleine Weigel, Marco Wolfer, Alexander Draebenstedt, Christos Tsokos, Panos Groumas, Efstathios Andrianopoulos, Nikos Lyras, Dimitrios Nikolaidis, Elias Mylonas, Nikolaos Baxevanakis…
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:30
  22. There has been a rapidly growing demand for low-cost, integrated single-shot spectrometers to be embedded in portable intelligent devices. Even though significant progress has been made in this area, two major...

    Authors: Ang Li, Chang Wang, Feixia Bao, Wenji Fang, Yuxin Liang, Rui Cheng and Shilong Pan
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:29
  23. Chiral enantiomers have different pharmacological and pharmacokinetic characteristics. It is important to strictly detect chiral component for avoiding being harmful to the human body due to side effects. Tera...

    Authors: Jiaming Lyu, Shengyuan Shen, Lin Chen, Yiming Zhu and Songlin Zhuang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:28

    The Correction to this article has been published in PhotoniX 2023 4:31

  24. Optical microscopy with optimal axial resolution is critical for precise visualization of two-dimensional flat-top structures. Here, we present sub-diffraction-limited ultrafast imaging of hexagonal boron nitr...

    Authors: Gwanjin Lee, Konkada Manattayil Jyothsna, Jonghoo Park, JaeDong Lee, Varun Raghunathan and Hyunmin Kim
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:27
  25. The complete description of a continuous-wave light field includes its four fundamental properties: wavelength, polarization, phase and amplitude. However, the simultaneous measurement of a multi-dimensional l...

    Authors: Sheng-ke Zhu, Ze-huan Zheng, Weijia Meng, Shan-shan Chang, Yingling Tan, Lu-Jian Chen, Xinyuan Fang, Min Gu and Jin-hui Chen
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:26
  26. Colorful radiative coolers (CRCs) can be widely applied for energy sustainability especially and meet aesthetic purposes simultaneously. Here, we propose a high-efficiency CRC based on thin film stacks and eng...

    Authors: Junren Wen, Xiao Chen, Zeyu Zhu, Yining Zhu, Hao Luo, Yusi Wang, Yujie Liu, Hailan Wang, Wenjia Yuan, Yueguang Zhang, Chenying Yang and Weidong Shen
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:25
  27. Lithium (Li) is an essential element in modern energy production and storage devices. Technology to extract Li from seawater, which contains ~ 230 billion tons of Li, offers a solution to the widespread concer...

    Authors: Zhongxiao Li, Zhen Li, Hao Huang, Yunduo Yao, Bilawal Khan, Ye Zhu, Kuo-Wei Huang, Zhiping Lai and Jr-Hau He
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:23
  28. Automatic and continuous blood pressure monitoring is important for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. The evaluation of medication effects and the diagnosis of clinical hypertension can ...

    Authors: Liangye Li, Shunfeng Sheng, Yunfei Liu, Jianpei Wen, Changying Song, Zhipeng Chen, Wangyang Xu, Zhi Zhang, Wei Fan, Chen Chen, Qizhen Sun and Perry-Ping Shum
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:21
  29. Palladium is the most prominent material in both scientific and industrial research on gas storage, purification, detection, and catalysis due to its unique properties as a catalyst and hydrogen absorber. Adva...

    Authors: Jongsu Lee, Eui-Sang Yu, Taehyun Kim, In Soo Kim, Seok Chung, Seung Jae Kwak, Won Bo Lee, Yusin Pak and Yong-Sang Ryu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:20
  30. Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (SR-SIM) has become a widely used nanoscopy technique for rapid, long-term, and multi-color imaging of live cells. Precise but troublesome determination of t...

    Authors: Gang Wen, Simin Li, Yong Liang, Linbo Wang, Jie Zhang, Xiaohu Chen, Xin Jin, Chong Chen, Yuguo Tang and Hui Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:19
  31. Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) has attracted attention recently as a promising fabrication method for dielectric metalenses owing to its low cost and high throughput, however, high aspect ratio (HAR) nanostruct...

    Authors: Hojung Choi, Joohoon Kim, Wonjoong Kim, Junhwa Seong, Chanwoong Park, Minseok Choi, Nakhyun Kim, Jisung Ha, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Junsuk Rho and Heon Lee
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:18
  32. High performance imaging in parallel cameras is a worldwide challenge in computational optics studies. However, the existing solutions are suffering from a fundamental contradiction between the field of view (...

    Authors: Shu-Bin Liu, Bing-Kun Xie, Rong-Ying Yuan, Meng-Xuan Zhang, Jian-Cheng Xu, Lei Li and Qiong-Hua Wang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:17
  33. Astrophysics and cosmology in the coming decades urgently need a large field-of-view (FOV), highly multiplexed spectroscopic survey telescope satisfying challenging image quality and stability requirements. Th...

    Authors: Yifan Zhang, Haijiao Jiang, Stephen Shectman, Dehua Yang, Zheng Cai, Yong Shi, Song Huang, Lu Lu, Yamin Zheng, Shaonan Kang, Shude Mao and Lei Huang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:16
  34. Sensing devices are key nodes for information detection, processing, and conversion and are widely applied in different fields such as industrial production, environmental monitoring, and defense. However, inc...

    Authors: Leiming Wu, Xixi Yuan, Yuxuan Tang, S. Wageh, Omar A. Al-Hartomy, Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi, Jun Yang, Yuanjiang Xiang, Han Zhang and Yuwen Qin
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:15
  35. The emergence of dynamic optical switching has opened up new perspectives for lightening the ever growing load on the electrical switches and routers, to meet the increasing demand on high-speed and flexible d...

    Authors: Kang Li, Min Yang, Chengkun Cai, Xiaoping Cao, Guofeng Yan, Guangze Wu, Yuanjian Wan and Jian Wang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:14
  36. In this work, on-chip three-dimensional (3D) photonic integrated optical sources based on active fluorescent polymer waveguide microdisks are proposed for light display application. Fluorescent green and red o...

    Authors: Chunxue Wang, Daming Zhang, Jian Yue, Hang Lin, Xucheng Zhang, Tong Zhang, Changming Chen and Teng Fei
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:13
  37. The dense quantum entanglement distribution is the basis for practical quantum communication, quantum networks and distributed quantum computation. To make entanglement distribution processes stable enough for...

    Authors: Shang-Yu Ren, Wei-Qiang Wang, Yu-Jie Cheng, Long Huang, Bing-Zheng Du, Wei Zhao, Guang-Can Guo, Lan-Tian Feng, Wen-Fu Zhang and Xi-Feng Ren
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:12
  38. Supercontinuum white laser with large bandwidth and high pulse energy would offer incredible versatility and opportunities for basic science and high technology applications. Here, we report the generation of ...

    Authors: Lihong Hong, Chenyang Hu, Yuanyuan Liu, Huijun He, Liqiang Liu, Zhiyi Wei and Zhi-Yuan Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:11
  39. A communication channel should be built to transmit information from one place to another. Imaging is 2 or higher dimensional information communication. Conventionally, an imaging channel comprises a lens with...

    Authors: Xuyu Zhang, Jingjing Gao, Yu Gan, Chunyuan Song, Dawei Zhang, Songlin Zhuang, Shensheng Han, Puxiang Lai and Honglin Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:10

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