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  1. Astrophysics and cosmology in the coming decades urgently need a large field-of-view (FOV), highly multiplexed spectroscopic survey telescope satisfying challenging image quality and stability requirements. Th...

    Authors: Yifan Zhang, Haijiao Jiang, Stephen Shectman, Dehua Yang, Zheng Cai, Yong Shi, Song Huang, Lu Lu, Yamin Zheng, Shaonan Kang, Shude Mao and Lei Huang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:16
  2. Sensing devices are key nodes for information detection, processing, and conversion and are widely applied in different fields such as industrial production, environmental monitoring, and defense. However, inc...

    Authors: Leiming Wu, Xixi Yuan, Yuxuan Tang, S. Wageh, Omar A. Al-Hartomy, Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi, Jun Yang, Yuanjiang Xiang, Han Zhang and Yuwen Qin
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:15
  3. The emergence of dynamic optical switching has opened up new perspectives for lightening the ever growing load on the electrical switches and routers, to meet the increasing demand on high-speed and flexible d...

    Authors: Kang Li, Min Yang, Chengkun Cai, Xiaoping Cao, Guofeng Yan, Guangze Wu, Yuanjian Wan and Jian Wang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:14
  4. In this work, on-chip three-dimensional (3D) photonic integrated optical sources based on active fluorescent polymer waveguide microdisks are proposed for light display application. Fluorescent green and red o...

    Authors: Chunxue Wang, Daming Zhang, Jian Yue, Hang Lin, Xucheng Zhang, Tong Zhang, Changming Chen and Teng Fei
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:13
  5. The dense quantum entanglement distribution is the basis for practical quantum communication, quantum networks and distributed quantum computation. To make entanglement distribution processes stable enough for...

    Authors: Shang-Yu Ren, Wei-Qiang Wang, Yu-Jie Cheng, Long Huang, Bing-Zheng Du, Wei Zhao, Guang-Can Guo, Lan-Tian Feng, Wen-Fu Zhang and Xi-Feng Ren
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:12
  6. Supercontinuum white laser with large bandwidth and high pulse energy would offer incredible versatility and opportunities for basic science and high technology applications. Here, we report the generation of ...

    Authors: Lihong Hong, Chenyang Hu, Yuanyuan Liu, Huijun He, Liqiang Liu, Zhiyi Wei and Zhi-Yuan Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:11
  7. A communication channel should be built to transmit information from one place to another. Imaging is 2 or higher dimensional information communication. Conventionally, an imaging channel comprises a lens with...

    Authors: Xuyu Zhang, Jingjing Gao, Yu Gan, Chunyuan Song, Dawei Zhang, Songlin Zhuang, Shensheng Han, Puxiang Lai and Honglin Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:10
  8. Fiber components form the standard not only in modern telecommunication but also for future quantum information technology. For high-performance single-photon detection, superconducting nanowire single-photon ...

    Authors: Yue Dai, Kunpeng Jia, Guanghao Zhu, Hui Li, Yue Fei, Yuqing Guo, Hang Yuan, Hao Wang, Xiaoqing Jia, Qingyuan Zhao, Lin Kang, Jian Chen, Shi-ning Zhu, Peiheng Wu, Zhenda Xie and Labao Zhang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:7
  9. Table-top extreme ultraviolet (EUV) microscopy offers unique opportunities for label-free investigation of biological samples. Here, we demonstrate ptychographic EUV imaging of two dried, unstained model spec...

    Authors: Chang Liu, Wilhelm Eschen, Lars Loetgering, Daniel S. Penagos Molina, Robert Klas, Alexander Iliou, Michael Steinert, Sebastian Herkersdorf, Alexander Kirsche, Thomas Pertsch, Falk Hillmann, Jens Limpert and Jan Rothhardt
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:6
  10. The rapid development of neuromorphic computing has stimulated extensive research interest in artificial synapses. Optoelectronic artificial synapses using laser beams as stimulus signals have the advantages o...

    Authors: Runze Li, Yibo Dong, Fengsong Qian, Yiyang Xie, Xi Chen, Qiming Zhang, Zengji Yue and Min Gu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:4
  11. Super-resolution optical imaging is crucial to the study of cellular processes. Current super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is restricted by the need of special fluorophores or sophisticated optical syste...

    Authors: Boyi Huang, Jia Li, Bowen Yao, Zhigang Yang, Edmund Y. Lam, Jia Zhang, Wei Yan and Junle Qu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2023 4:2

    The Correction to this article has been published in PhotoniX 2023 4:5

  12. High-speed visualization of three-dimensional (3D) processes across a large field of view with cellular resolution is essential for understanding living systems. Light-field microscopy (LFM) has emerged as a p...

    Authors: Yi Zhang, Yuling Wang, Mingrui Wang, Yuduo Guo, Xinyang Li, Yifan Chen, Zhi Lu, Jiamin Wu, Xiangyang Ji and Qionghai Dai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:30

    The Correction to this article has been published in PhotoniX 2022 3:31

  13. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have found widespread applications in education, engineering, healthcare, and entertainment. However, these near-eye displays are often bulky and heavy, and thus...

    Authors: Yan Li, Shuyi Chen, Haowen Liang, Xiuying Ren, Lingcong Luo, Yuye Ling, Shuxin Liu, Yikai Su and Shin-Tson Wu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:29
  14. Optical phase shifters constitute the fundamental building blocks that enable programmable photonic integrated circuits (PICs)—the cornerstone of on-chip classical and quantum optical technologies [1, 2]. Thus fa...

    Authors: Carlos Ríos, Qingyang Du, Yifei Zhang, Cosmin-Constantin Popescu, Mikhail Y. Shalaginov, Paul Miller, Christopher Roberts, Myungkoo Kang, Kathleen A. Richardson, Tian Gu, Steven A. Vitale and Juejun Hu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:26
  15. Advances in direct laser writing to attain super-resolution are required to improve fabrication performance and develop potential applications for nanophotonics. In this study, a novel technique using single-c...

    Authors: Minfei He, Zhimin Zhang, Chun Cao, Yiwei Qiu, Xiaoming Shen, Guozun Zhou, Zixin Cai, Xinjie Sun, Xin He, Liang Xu, Xi Liu, Chenliang Ding, Yaoyu Cao, Cuifang Kuang and Xu Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:25
  16. Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) has emerged as a valuable tool for biomedical research thanks to its unique capabilities for quantifying optical thickness variation of living cells and tissues. Among many QPI...

    Authors: Yefeng Shu, Jiasong Sun, Jiaming Lyu, Yao Fan, Ning Zhou, Ran Ye, Guoan Zheng, Qian Chen and Chao Zuo
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:24

    The Correction to this article has been published in PhotoniX 2022 3:27

  17. Electromagnetic anapole mode is a nonradiative state of light originating from the deconstructive interference of radiation of the oscillating electric and toroidal dipole moments. The high quality anapole-rel...

    Authors: Jin Yao, Jun-Yu Ou, Vassili Savinov, Mu Ku Chen, Hsin Yu Kuo, Nikolay I. Zheludev and Din Ping Tsai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:23
  18. Transparency and perfect absorption are two contradictory terms; a perfect absorber never permits waves to transmit through. However, this statement only remains true in the linear regime, where the nonlineari...

    Authors: Jiankun Hou, Jintian Lin, Jiefu Zhu, Guolin Zhao, Yao Chen, Fangxing Zhang, Yuanlin Zheng, Xianfeng Chen, Ya Cheng, Li Ge and Wenjie Wan
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:22
  19. Frequency-swept interferometry (FSI) is a powerful ranging method with high precision and immunity to ambient light. However, the stand-off distance of the current FSI-based ranging system for noncooperative t...

    Authors: Yifan Wang, Xin Xu, Zongren Dai, Ziyu Hua, Chenxiao Lin, Yubin Hou, Qian Zhang, Pu Wang and Yidong Tan
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:21
  20. High-throughput imaging is highly desirable in intelligent analysis of computer vision tasks. In conventional design, throughput is limited by the separation between physical image capture and digital post pro...

    Authors: Zhihong Zhang, Bo Zhang, Xin Yuan, Siming Zheng, Xiongfei Su, Jinli Suo, David J. Brady and Qionghai Dai
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:19
  21. Ultrafast Raman fiber laser has been proved to be an effective method to obtain ultrafast optical pulses at special wavelength. Yet, compared with conventional rare-earth doped counterparts, it is challenging ...

    Authors: Jiaqi Zhou, Weiwei Pan, Weiao Qi, Xinru Cao, Zhi Cheng and Yan Feng
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:18
  22. Aerosols and clouds greatly affect the Earth’s radiation budget and global climate. Light detection and ranging (lidar) has been recognized as a promising active remote sensing technique for the vertical obser...

    Authors: Ju Ke, Yingshan Sun, Changzhe Dong, Xingying Zhang, Zijun Wang, Liqing Lyu, Wei Zhu, Albert Ansmann, Lin Su, Lingbing Bu, Da Xiao, Shuaibo Wang, Sijie Chen, Jiqiao Liu, Weibiao Chen and Dong Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:17
  23. In recent years, machine learning, especially various deep neural networks, as an emerging technique for data analysis and processing, has brought novel insights into the development of fiber lasers, in partic...

    Authors: Min Jiang, Hanshuo Wu, Yi An, Tianyue Hou, Qi Chang, Liangjin Huang, Jun Li, Rongtao Su and Pu Zhou
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:16
  24. In this paper, a novel strategy based on a metasurface composed of simple and compact unit cells to achieve ultra-high-speed trigonometric operations under specific input values is theoretically and experiment...

    Authors: Zihan Zhao, Yue Wang, Chunsheng Guan, Kuang Zhang, Qun Wu, Haoyu Li, Jian Liu, Shah Nawaz Burokur and Xumin Ding
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:15
  25. We design, fabricate, optically and mechanically characterize wearable ultrathin coatings on various substrates, including sapphire, glass and silicon wafer. Extremely hard ceramic materials titanium nitride (...

    Authors: Jiao Geng, Liping Shi, Junhuan Ni, Qiannan Jia, Wei Yan and Min Qiu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:14
  26. Adaptive optics (AO) is a powerful tool for optical microscopy to counteract the effects of optical aberrations and improve the imaging performance in biological tissues. The diversity of sample characteristic...

    Authors: Zhou Zhou, Jiangfeng Huang, Xiang Li, Xiujuan Gao, Zhongyun Chen, Zhenfei Jiao, Zhihong Zhang, Qingming Luo and Ling Fu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:13
  27. Free-spectral-range (FSR)-free optical filters have always been a critical challenge for photonic integrated circuits. A high-performance FSR-free filter is highly desired for communication, spectroscopy, and ...

    Authors: Chunlei Sun, Yuexin Yin, Zequn Chen, Yuting Ye, Ye Luo, Hui Ma, Lichun Wang, Maoliang Wei, Jialing Jian, Renjie Tang, Hao Dai, Jianghong Wu, Junying Li, Daming Zhang, Hongtao Lin and Lan Li
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:12
  28. We proposed and demonstrated a flexible, endoscopic, and minimally invasive coherent anti-Raman Stokes scattering (CARS) measurement method for single-cell application, employing a tapered optical fiber probe....

    Authors: Tong Wang, Junfeng Jiang, Kun Liu, Shuang Wang, Panpan Niu, Yize Liu and Tiegen Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:11
  29. Spin light manipulation based on chiral metasurfaces is a striking hotspot that has intrigued huge attention. Circular dichroism, a unique phenomenon of chiral atoms/molecules, has been regarded as another aux...

    Authors: He Wang, Zhe Qin, Lingling Huang, Yongfeng Li, Ruizhe Zhao, Hongqiang Zhou, Haoyang He, Jieqiu Zhang and Shaobo Qu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:10
  30. Large-size scintillators with high efficiency and ultrafast radiation fluorescence have shown more potential in the applications to ionizing radiation detection of medical diagnosis, nuclear control and high-e...

    Authors: Richeng Lin, Yanming Zhu, Liang Chen, Wei Zheng, Mengxuan Xu, Jinlu Ruan, Renfu Li, Titao Li, Zhuogeng Lin, Lu Cheng, Ying Ding, Feng Huang and Xiaoping Ouyang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:9
  31. High-speed optical interconnects of data centers and high performance computers (HPC) have become the rapid development direction in the field of optical communication owing to the explosive growth of market d...

    Authors: Binhao Wang and Jifang Mu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:8
  32. Miniaturized nonvolatile reconfigurable optical components with a subwavelength thickness, extremely compact size, high-speed response, and low power consumption will be the core of next-generation all-optical...

    Authors: Shoujun Zhang, Xieyu Chen, Kuan Liu, Haiyang Li, Yuehong Xu, Xiaohan Jiang, Yihan Xu, Qingwei Wang, Tun Cao and Zhen Tian
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:7
  33. Surface defects (SDs) and subsurface defects (SSDs) are the key factors decreasing the laser damage threshold of optics. Due to the spatially stacked structure, accurately detecting and distinguishing them has...

    Authors: Huanyu Sun, Shiling Wang, Xiaobo Hu, Hongjie Liu, Xiaoyan Zhou, Jin Huang, Xinglei Cheng, Feng Sun, Yubo Liu and Dong Liu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:6
  34. Strong light-matter interactions in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) with robust spin-valley degrees of freedom open up the prospect of valleytronic devices. A thorough understanding on...

    Authors: Le-Yi Zhao, Hai Wang, Hai-Yu Wang, Qiang Zhou, Xu-Lin Zhang, Tong Cui, Lei Wang, Tian-Yu Liu, Yu-Xiao Han, Yang Luo, Yuan-Yuan Yue, Mu-Sen Song and Hong-Bo Sun
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:5
  35. We investigate the generation of single-transverse-mode Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) emission from a diode-end-pumped Nd:YVO4, 1064 nm laser using mode selection via intracavity spherical aberration (SA). We present bo...

    Authors: Quan Sheng, Aihua Wang, Yuanyuan Ma, Sijia Wang, Meng Wang, Zheng Shi, Junjie Liu, Shijie Fu, Wei Shi, Jianquan Yao and Takashige Omatsu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:4
  36. Quantum key distribution (QKD) would play an important role in future information technologies due to its theoretically proven security based on the laws of quantum mechanics. How to realize QKDs among multipl...

    Authors: Xu Liu, Jingyuan Liu, Rong Xue, Heqing Wang, Hao Li, Xue Feng, Fang Liu, Kaiyu Cui, Zhen Wang, Lixing You, Yidong Huang and Wei Zhang
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:2
  37. Femtosecond laser machining of biomimetic micro/nanostructures with high aspect ratio (larger than 10) on ultrahard materials, such as sapphire, is a challenging task, because the uncontrollable surface damage...

    Authors: Xue-Qing Liu, Yong-Lai Zhang, Qian-Kun Li, Jia-Xin Zheng, Yi-Ming Lu, Saulius Juodkazis, Qi-Dai Chen and Hong-Bo Sun
    Citation: PhotoniX 2022 3:1
  38. Single-photon source in micro- or nanoscale is the basic building block of on-chip quantum information and scalable quantum network. Enhanced spontaneous emission based on cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED)...

    Authors: Zhiyuan Qian, Lingxiao Shan, Xinchen Zhang, Qi Liu, Yun Ma, Qihuang Gong and Ying Gu
    Citation: PhotoniX 2021 2:21

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