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Correction: Multi-focus light-field microscopy for high-speed large-volume imaging

The Original Article was published on 30 November 2022

Correction: PhotoniX 3, 30 (2022)

In the original publication of this article [1], there is a problem with the display of the Fig. 3 due to the incompatibility of image format. It needs to be updated with the correct one.

Fig. 3
figure 1

Reconstruction results of a USAF-1951 resolution target located at different depths. a-b Comparisons of the reconstruction results of USAF-1951 resolution target obtained by sLFM and SAsLFM. The raw light-field images were obtained under a 10 × /0.28NA objective with a 15 × 15 scanning trajectory. While the high-resolution range of SAsLFM is comparable to that of sLFM on one side of the native focal plane, it has an obvious extension on the other side. c Zoom-in areas marked by the boxes in (a) and (b). SAsLFM is able to reveal the details that are corrupted in sLFM at the out-of-focus layers. The intensity profiles along the red and orange lines are shown on the bottom. d Resolutions of sLFM and SAsLFM at different axial positions. In a large axial range of ~ 1 mm, SAsLFM preserves finer details than traditional sLFM. Scale bars: 50 μm

The original article [1] was updated.


  1. Zhang Y, Wang Y, Wang M, et al. Multi-focus light-field microscopy for high-speed large-volume imaging. PhotoniX. 2022;3:30.

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