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Table 1 Typical problems in the fiber laser systems (*means a specific value)

From: Fiber laser development enabled by machine learning: review and prospect

Problems Description Optimization solution Learning solution
Prediction Solving for y from x when A is unknown finding f: x → y, y = f(x)
Reconstruction Solving for x* from specific y* \(x^{\ast} =\arg \underset{x}{\min }f\left(\mathbf{A}x;y^{\ast} \right)\) finding f: y → x, x* = f(y*)
Evaluation Calculating a evaluation function E(y) with respect to y finding f: y →E(y), E(y) = f(y)
Design Finding x = x* to achieve specific y* \(x^{\ast} =\arg \underset{x}{\min }f\left(\mathbf{A}x;y^{\ast} \right)\) finding f: y → x, x* = f(y*)
Control Solving for Δx to maintain y = y* \(\varDelta x^{\ast} =\arg \underset{\varDelta x}{\min }f\left(\mathbf{A}\left(x+\varDelta x\right);y^{\ast} \right)\) finding f: y → Δx, Δx = f(y)